Orlando Fringe, WPRK, and New Video

Catch Sean this weekend for his final three performances of LOCI at the Orlando Fringe Festival.
Friday, May 26, 5:30PM
Saturday, May 27, 10:30PM
Sunday, May 28, 7:30PM
All performances in the new White Venue.

More info and tickets at www.orlandofringe.org

You can also catch Sean discussing these performances Friday at 4pm on WPRK's State of the Scene, 91.5 Winter Park.

Lastly, be sure to check out this short excerpt video of LOCI on Vimeo here. Video and production by Ryan Seybold of BoomBap Productions.


Orlando Fringe Festival 2017

Sean will present six performances of LOCI at the 2017 Orlando Fringe Festival, starting May 19 as follows:

Friday, May 19th 8:45 PM
Sunday, May 21st 4:20 PM
Monday, May 22nd 7:00 PM
Friday, May 26th 5:30 PM
Saturday, May 27th 10:30 PM
Sunday, May 28th 7:30 PM

Check out this write-up from Orlando's Freeline Media to hear about Sean's process, approach, and what to expect at the show. Also catch a short snare drum improvisation from the Festival Teaser Show on the Orlando Sentinel's website here.

For tickets and more information on the festival visit www.orlandofringe.org


2017 east coast tour

Sean will kick off his 2017 east coast tour Wednesday, January 10 with an on-air performance on WMNF Tampa's weekly experimental music broadcast Step Outside (88.5 FM). He'll then continue on to Tallahassee for his first out of town stop at Soup Experimental on Thursday, January 11. The tour will venture through Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York and Connecticut and includes performances at New York University and the Asheville Fringe Festival where he will collaborate with Lindsey Kelley Dance. For a complete tour listing visit the Performances page.


Sean has embarked on a community collaborative art installation with artists Tory Tepp and Sulynn Hago, to be presented at A+H's Maitland Art Center.

The Ixchel Song Garden is a creative community collaboration located at the A&H's Maitland Art Center. Here, the Earthtones artists and musicians will be designing and creating a series of musical gardening tools. With these tools, we will build a terraced garden that will also be designed to produce sound through a series of percussive water drums and cymbals. This large scale earthwork, garden and full complement of tools, will serve as our instruments and our stage. And within this stage, the process of working the soil, nurturing plants and harvesting food will be our song. 

Over the course of a growing season, community partners will be invited to share this space by designing and building their own living sculptures. My team of lead artists and I will serve as guides and mentors. Together, we will plant a garden and make improvised music, watching as one act informs the other. The recordings we will make throughout this process will serve to create an audio soundtrack to the four month long journey through soil and seed, wind and rain, moth and honeybee. Human hands at work and at play harmonize with these ecological rhythms. This organic symphony will evolve just as the garden grows. And, as the fruits of the garden grow to harvest, we will hone and organize the music making of each community group from the improvised to the organized. The end results will be recorded CD’s of the full experience, a bounty of vegetables, herbs and flowers and a fully immersive, interactive, multi-sensory, public art experience. 

To contribute: please click this link.

LOCI in the News

LOCI has received from support from Positively Underground review as well as the USF College of the Arts.

Donavan Burton from Positively Underground says:

"Hamilton is clearly a master with the ability to truly express individuality.  By both showcasing his ability to fit within the modern drum idiom and the drone genre, Hamilton has put together a unique piece of music with a high level of development and contrast."

"One of the major accomplishments of the album is Hamilton’s ability to both blend his percussion and electronics together as well as place them in near juxtaposition. "

Check out the full review here and the USF write-up here.

Sean also recently spoke to Creative Loafing Tampa's Ray Roa about the new release and subsequent album release tour.

Sean's interview with Ray can be found here.



December News

Sean recently returned from the Mechanical Bull East Coast Tour with Nathan Corder. The tour included concerts and clinics at The Cleaners (Atlanta, GA), Slippery Rock University (Slippery Rock, PA), ABC No Rio (New York, NY), High Point University (High Point, NC), and a collaboration with Lindsey Kelley Dance (www.lindseykelleydance.com) at the BeBe Theatre in Asheville, NC.

Sean was also recently featured at the Boyd Hill Nature Preserve's "Soundscapes". An article and radio broadcast discussing the event can be seen/heard here.

Upcoming performances include a show with Mechanical Bull at MF Arts Ybor on January 10. See the Performances page for more info.

Major Overhaul

Check out the site as it has undergone a major overhaul, including the addition of the Media page which features a great deal of new videos and photos.

Also, check out the new Mechanical Bull debut, released May 2015, at the bandcamp here. There is also some unreleased tracks for listening on the Media page.

In other news, Sean is heading to Leeds, UK for most of July to spend some time collaborating and experimenting with several choreographers, dancers, composers, and musicians as part of the Phoenix Dance Theatre's Choreographers and Composers Lab.

New Materials/Performance Update

Welcome and Happy New Year! 

Take a look around the website for updates on almost every page, including new recordings on the Compositions page and new videos and an updated performance list on the Performances page.

Notable upcoming performances include a solo performance of Jerod Sommerfeldt's "Samsara" for vibraphone and electronics at the McCormick Marimba Festival and the world premiere of Stuart Saunders Smith's "Queen Anne's Lace" for solo vibraphone. Find more under the Performances tab!



A Much Needed Update

Please take a look around as the website has received a much needed update. Be sure to check out the Performances page for upcoming appearances and new photos and videos of recent performances and the Current Projects page for updated information about ongoing projects.

Sean is looking forward to a busy year of performances and collaborative projects, including several concerts with the USF Percussion Ensemble and the New-Music Consortium at USF, as well as several solo performances and projects with members of the USF Dance Department and with visual artist Eli Blasko. You can also catch him at The Venture Compound in St. Pete at the new Hyperbolic Chamber Music Series. The first event of the series, co-founded by Grace Juliano, Jesse Thelonious Vance, and Sean Hamilton, is a solo cello recital on September 27 at 8 PM at The Venture Compound.