the bootleg series

the bootleg series is an ongoing collection of guerrilla recordings available in ultra-limited runs. Recordings include acoustic and electronic improvisations, compositions, field recordings, or live performances that are filed according to four criteria: number, subject, date, and zip code of production.

These numbered and otherwise unreleased editions are available only until all units of that set are sold. Each edition is limited to fifteen copies and there will be no reprints. Just released are five subscriptions for digital copies of each edition.

the bootleg series is available in the following ways:
In-Person: $3 for a single edition, or 2/$5 for two editions
Via Mail: $5 for a single edition, or 2/$7 for two editions
As a subscription package: $50 for a one-time billing, or $5 a month for twelve months ($60 total)
As a digital subscription (file download only): $5 a month for twelve months ($60 total).

Subscribers receive a monthly edition, and two special bonus editions available only to subscribers throughout the year (for a total of 14 editions), mailed anywhere in the US.

To purchase editions or to subscribe to the bootleg series, use the buttons at the bottom of the page.

number | subject | date | zip code

001. acoustic improvisation /// 8.15.18 /// 33710; no longer available
002. fixed electronic media /// 8.15.18 /// 33710
003. field recording /// 7.xx.18 /// 80440
004. acoustic improvisation /// 9.30.18 /// 33710
005. field recording /// 11.2.18 /// N1C 4AX
006. live performance recording /// 11.6.18 /// N4 1DN
007. no input mixer /// 12.22.18 /// 33710
008. field recording /// 1.28.19 /// 33710

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