the bootleg series

Introducing the bootleg series:

the bootleg series is an ongoing collection of guerrilla recordings available in ultra-limited runs. Recordings include acoustic and electronic improvisations, compositions, field recordings, or live performances that are filed according to four criteria: number, subject, date, and zip code of production.

These numbered and otherwise unreleased editions are available only until all units of that set are sold. Each edition is limited to fifteen copies and there will be no reprints.

Editions are available as single numbers or as a yearly subscription, with a new edition mailed out monthly, and are only available in person or through

Three editions are currently available:
001. acoustic improvisation /// 8.15.18 /// 33710
002. fixed electronic media /// 8.15.18 /// 33710
003. field recording /// 7.xx.18 /// 80440

For more information, or to acquire works from the series, go to this page.