Sean has embarked on a community collaborative art installation with artists Tory Tepp and Sulynn Hago, to be presented at A+H's Maitland Art Center.

The Ixchel Song Garden is a creative community collaboration located at the A&H's Maitland Art Center. Here, the Earthtones artists and musicians will be designing and creating a series of musical gardening tools. With these tools, we will build a terraced garden that will also be designed to produce sound through a series of percussive water drums and cymbals. This large scale earthwork, garden and full complement of tools, will serve as our instruments and our stage. And within this stage, the process of working the soil, nurturing plants and harvesting food will be our song. 

Over the course of a growing season, community partners will be invited to share this space by designing and building their own living sculptures. My team of lead artists and I will serve as guides and mentors. Together, we will plant a garden and make improvised music, watching as one act informs the other. The recordings we will make throughout this process will serve to create an audio soundtrack to the four month long journey through soil and seed, wind and rain, moth and honeybee. Human hands at work and at play harmonize with these ecological rhythms. This organic symphony will evolve just as the garden grows. And, as the fruits of the garden grow to harvest, we will hone and organize the music making of each community group from the improvised to the organized. The end results will be recorded CD’s of the full experience, a bounty of vegetables, herbs and flowers and a fully immersive, interactive, multi-sensory, public art experience. 

To contribute: please click this link.