Major Overhaul

Check out the site as it has undergone a major overhaul, including the addition of the Media page which features a great deal of new videos and photos.

Also, check out the new Mechanical Bull debut, released May 2015, at the bandcamp here. There is also some unreleased tracks for listening on the Media page.

In other news, Sean is heading to Leeds, UK for most of July to spend some time collaborating and experimenting with several choreographers, dancers, composers, and musicians as part of the Phoenix Dance Theatre's Choreographers and Composers Lab.

New Materials/Performance Update

Welcome and Happy New Year! 

Take a look around the website for updates on almost every page, including new recordings on the Compositions page and new videos and an updated performance list on the Performances page.

Notable upcoming performances include a solo performance of Jerod Sommerfeldt's "Samsara" for vibraphone and electronics at the McCormick Marimba Festival and the world premiere of Stuart Saunders Smith's "Queen Anne's Lace" for solo vibraphone. Find more under the Performances tab!



A Much Needed Update

Please take a look around as the website has received a much needed update. Be sure to check out the Performances page for upcoming appearances and new photos and videos of recent performances and the Current Projects page for updated information about ongoing projects.

Sean is looking forward to a busy year of performances and collaborative projects, including several concerts with the USF Percussion Ensemble and the New-Music Consortium at USF, as well as several solo performances and projects with members of the USF Dance Department and with visual artist Eli Blasko. You can also catch him at The Venture Compound in St. Pete at the new Hyperbolic Chamber Music Series. The first event of the series, co-founded by Grace Juliano, Jesse Thelonious Vance, and Sean Hamilton, is a solo cello recital on September 27 at 8 PM at The Venture Compound. 


Sean will be traveling to Spartanburg, South Carolina on April 26 to work in collaboration with visual artist Eli Blasko and percussionist Kevin von Kampen on a project entitled "Afterthought: Reflections of an Undefined Process." The work features a collaborative installation of sculptures and improvised music that reflects on the creative process and the undertakings of artistic expression. The event will take place at Hub-Bub, a gallery in downtown Spartanburg on April 26 at 8 PM and is free to get in.

Spring Projects

The new year started off packed with exciting projects, and March has been no exception. The USF Percussion Ensemble wrapped up an awesome recording session at Springs Theatre in Tampa that included Baljinder Sekhon's "Musica Casera", to be premiered on the Spring Percussion Ensemble Concert on March 23 at 7:30 PM at the USF Concert Hall. The USF Percussion Ensemble will also appear at the PAS Florida Chapter Day of Percussion at Florida Southern College on March 29. Outside of the Percussion Ensemble, Sean will also be performing on the graduate recital of Jeremy Adams on April 1 at USF.

It's Alive!

After a busy month of performances and festivals, including the McCormick Marimba Festival, the USF New-Music Festival, and a performance at the Pedro Reyes installation during the USF CAM show, it is finally time to launch! Please take a look around.

Outside of the site, here are a few nice write-ups on some recent projects:

  • Multiple performances of "Five Thoughts on Vitality" for flute and clarinet, commissioned by Dr. Kathleen Melago and Dr. Jennifer Laubenthal (here)
  • Five concerts in three days at the USF New-Music Festival (here)
  • Tampa Bay Times article on the Pedro Reyes "Amendment to the Amendment/(under)stand your ground" installation