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Sean hamilton
percussionist / composer / improviser


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Free Improvisation / Experimental / Classical

“Hamilton is clearly a master
with the ability to truly express individuality."
- Positively Underground Blog

“One of those holding the torch of progression of drumming”
- Adam Arritola/Miami Psych Fest

“A concept you don’t encounter every day or maybe ever”
- Orlando Sentinel

“His technological devices cast the very act of drumming, however traditional its roots may have been, into a stimulating new light.”
- The Rehearsal Studio Blog

Very interesting stuff, coming from an entirely different perspective.”
- babysue

"His body movement during a performance resembles a seated dance in tactile relationship with the array of drums and cymbals that surround him, and in the process the listener is impelled to become acutely aware of physical movement and space involved as much as the resulting sounds. The interactive electronics are an interesting enhancement, but the acoustic element of Hamilton’s performance was convincing enough to stand on its own.” - ArtsATL


Sean Hamilton is a percussionist, composer, improviser, and audio engineer whose interests primarily lie in the intersections of new music, electroacoustic music, free improvisation, experimental music, and interdisciplinary projects. Sean has presented performances throughout North America and in Europe, with featured performances including WKCR-FM New York’s Afternoon New Music, the Interference Series, the Red Room Series, the Anxious Sound Series, the SEAMUS National Conference, and those given while serving as an artist-in-residence with Leeds Improvised Music and Experimentation (LIME) in the United Kingdom. He has also presented lectures on improvisation and composition at various universities in the US and United Kingdom, including the University of Arizona, New York University, the University of South Carolina, Goldsmiths University of London, and the University of Leeds. Sean is regular collaborator with artists of varying disciplines, and has previously collaborated with artists including VERB Ballets, New Orleans Airlift, Lindsey Kelley Dance, Tatsuya Nakatani, Death Posture, and Eli Blasko.

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Additional live audio available here