List of Selected Works:


here, now (2017)

once/essential (2017)

Pieces of Yearning (2016)

LOCI (2016)

In Closing (2016)

A minimal devotion (2015)
   (text by Sam Leon)

Pillars of Core (2015)

At Limit (2015)

Electric Fences (2015)

I, Alone (2015)

The Days Are Growing Longer (2015)

Postcard (2014)

Something in the News (2014)

Five Thoughts on Vitality (2013)

It is Within Us (2012)


Flute duo

Drum set and interactive electronics

Fixed media (composed for Antonio Morillo)

Drum set and interactive electronics

Solo glockenspiel

Sinfonietta and soprano soloist

Fixed media (digital collaboration for dance film by Sharon McCaman)

Soprano, piano, percussion

Fixed media

Tuba and electronics

Solo multiple percussion

Solo "prepared" snare drum and electronics

Computer and electronics

Flute and Clarinet Duo

Drumset, fixed media, video

Premiere Location


Ann Arbor, MI

New York, NY

Tampa, FL

Tampa, FL

Tampa, FL

Tempe, AZ

Tampa, FL

Tampa, FL

Tuscaloosa, AL

Denton, TX

Tampa, FL

Tampa, FL

Portales, NM

Slippery Rock, PA


*Performance materials available upon request.

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